We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
Thank you, ALL - your quality and value is KEY n that has shown to us for a while (not easy to find! Thx a bunch for existing (we tried so many places for yrs. Finally we've found REAL Italian freshness to a tea n above all, your servicing is quite a team! --Julie and Mike
Julie Hacker - DiTroia
Had to leave a review. Delivery was quick, food was warm, all that one would expect. The chicken portabello, though? Fantastic. OMG well worth the wait and the cash. A new go-to for me.
Dave Serrano, Jr
The one thing that reminds me of my childhood is a thin crust NY slice where I can taste the oregano. This place has that slice! Delicious and nostalgic. They also offer empanadas which is different than a lot of other pizza shops in the area. They are flaky and delicious.
Stacey De Santo
Favorite Yonkers pizza shop. Their entrees are amazing. Haven’t had a bad dish from them yet and I’ve been ordering from them for years! And their dinner rolls that come with the meals are the best !
Jen L
I frequently order delivery from La Bella and I am always satisfied! My favorite is the avocado burger and I add bacon and cheese. The food always tastes amazing and the avocado is so fresh. They never skimp you on toppings. Their delivery drivers are always nice and it's always a pleasant experience. I highly recommend.
bd Blount
Simply delicious. Chicken parmigiana dinner with salad. A true test in any pizzeria.
Jose Vargas III
Awesome food ..empanadas and old country pizza the best and must order!!!!
nidhin thundiyil
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