We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
The chicken avocado salad is great for lazy people like me who are trying to diet. All the ingredients were fresh and they were not cheap with the avocado and chicken. Very good salad for something on the go.
The one thing that reminds me of my childhood is a thin crust NY slice where I can taste the oregano. This place has that slice! Delicious and nostalgic. They also offer empanadas which is different than a lot of other pizza shops in the area. They are flaky and delicious.
Stacey De Santo
Favorite Yonkers pizza shop. Their entrees are amazing. Haven’t had a bad dish from them yet and I’ve been ordering from them for years! And their dinner rolls that come with the meals are the best !
Jen L
I frequently order delivery from La Bella and I am always satisfied! My favorite is the avocado burger and I add bacon and cheese. The food always tastes amazing and the avocado is so fresh. They never skimp you on toppings. Their delivery drivers are always nice and it's always a pleasant experience. I highly recommend.
bd Blount
Thank you, ALL - your quality and value is KEY n that has shown to us for a while (not easy to find! Thx a bunch for existing (we tried so many places for yrs. Finally we've found REAL Italian freshness to a tea n above all, your servicing is quite a team! --Julie and Mike
Julie Hacker - DiTroia
Had to leave a review. Delivery was quick, food was warm, all that one would expect. The chicken portabello, though? Fantastic. OMG well worth the wait and the cash. A new go-to for me.
Dave Serrano, Jr
Simply delicious. Chicken parmigiana dinner with salad. A true test in any pizzeria.
Jose Vargas III
Awesome food ..empanadas and old country pizza the best and must order!!!!
nidhin thundiyil
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